(Part 0) College Costs and Loans: Summary

Part 1, the $1.7T question on whether it is fair to ask people (high school graduates or lower education achievement) who earn ≈40% less than others (college graduates) to pay for the education of those college graduates.

Part 2, is a collectivism approach to taxing large corporations to help educate the workforce

Part 3, is an FAQ on how a Education Allotment and a College Education Pool could work

The summary:

  • Education should be paid for by those who can best afford it (college graduates) and who directly benefit the most by it (college graduates)
  • That does not address the indirect benefits to all citizens and companies of a well educated workforce, so an offset of higher education costs is proposed
  • College costs should be offset from large corporations in form of a 1% tax on territorial revenue
  • Each eligible person has an Education Allotment of $5000 (an amount that could uptick every five years)
  • Each person can use it for themselves, grant to someone specific, or place it in a College Education Pool to help others




Not that you asked, but …

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Daemon Littlefield

Daemon Littlefield

Not that you asked, but …

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